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Our extensive experience in Thermal & Structural analysis in operational environments provides the foundation for successful Analysis of complex systems. We will work with you to understand your product and needs, and translate those requirements into technical specifications to produce Analytical models to meet your specifications and quality needs. Also our team can extend their support to develop functional prototype to verify the functionality of design and validate the Analytical results.

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Computer Aided Engineering

Stesalit InfoTech employs a well endowed team of Analytic consultants who fully understand your technical needs from the requirements stage through the final delivery of reports suggesting the weak points and our Electromechanical design team can help you to redesign it as per recommendation from Analytics team.

Following are the major services that our Analytic Team provides:

Structural Analysis

Stesalit evaluate the structural integrity of systems and components subjected to static and dynamic loads. Working closely with each client, we establish product, component, and system design requirements - providing the basis for a safe, dependable product. Different analyses covered by our experts are –

  • Finite element Meshing for complex component
  • Linear/Non linear, Static/Dynamic Structural Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Fracture Analysis
  • Buckling / Instability
  • Creep
  • Contact Analysis
  • Linear Elastic and Nonlinear Buckling Analysis
  • Topological Optimization
Thermal Analysis

Stesalit InfoTech has extensive background in thermal analysis of electro mechanical systems and electronic packaging. Theoretical as well as numerical computational procedures are used to analyze the complex steady state and transient problems involving conduction, convection, radiation and fluid flow. We have designed packaging, and analyzed systems for different mechanical loads and thermal environments in order to achieve desired design margins and reliability.

Stesalit’s thermal specialists has wide experience in

  • Heat Exchanger Design
  • Micro channel and Conventional Heat Sink Design and Development
  • Phase Change Materials (PCM) PCM Heat Exchangers
  • Thermoelectric System Design and Development
  • Material Processing Modeling
  • Electronic packaging
  • Fluid flow analysis, for laminar and turbulent flow, modeled in 2D and 3D flows, for incompressible and compressible fluids.
  Electro Magnetic Analysis

Stesalit InfoTech specialized in consultations on electromagnetic analysis, predicting electrostatic and electro dynamic fields in and around components. In the field of electrodynamics our focus on EMC, ESD, analysis of antennas, high and ultra high frequency systems, wave guides and resonators. Active research is the key to our solutions.

Mold Flow Analysis

Stesalit InfoTech has pool of expertise to help you to gain valuable insights into the dynamics of filling, cooling, packing and warpage. Our expertise will help you to look inside your part and mold to evaluate vital parameters before investing money in tooling. It helps you to correct part and/or mold design before you invest in tooling.

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