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Battery Chargers link to top
  • InputRated operating voltage - 3 Phase 415 volts
  • Output Rated Output Voltage - Function of (battery voltage battery current temperature of the battery) <135 volts.
    • Battery charging current - 20 amps
    • Maximum output current - 50 amps
    • Maximum load current - 50 amps minus battery charging current
    • Maximum output power - 130 volts * 60 amps
    • Voltage rating - 1200 volts (min).
4 KW Vestibule Battery Charger 15 3 Phase AC to 24 VDC
ááUnidirectional Constant torque Brushless Alternators/Regulators link to top
Rating - 4.5KW, 25 KW Voltage - 110 V DC Speed - 700 RPM to 3000 RPM


General Use: Train lighting and Auxilliary equipment.

Electronic Regulators link to top
  • DC voltage regulation against the variations of load as well as the RPM of alternator
  • Reduction in the ripple content in the controlled DC output ( Less than 2%)
  • Additional Battery management technology added to the regulator with over current control to the battery at constant voltage
  • Better Current Regulation and ripple
  • Built in over-voltage trip for the protection of electrical equipment of the coach
  • Use of high performance micro - controller with built in diagnostics for better operation and reliability of regulator
  • I.G.B.T based PWM control for better alternator field excitation
  • User friendly man - machine interface inside the coach by used of keypads and display
  • Online display of coach power generation parameters with Online Diagnostics and display of faults.
  • Reduction of Cut- in - speed
  • Reduction in MFO
  • Provision of communication for optimum load sharing between two 25KW regulators and single battery / load configuration.
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