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The company is backed up by a state of the art R & D infrastructure that has enabled roll out of major electronic and engineering products for the automotive industry, locomotives, signaling and telecom and utility sectors.

Microprocessor Fault Diagnostic and Control System for Locomotives link to top
  • Complete Fault Diagnostics
  • Automatic Wheel Slip Control and Traction Motor Elimination
  • Unattended Automatic Cranking and Shutdown
  • System Fault & Parameter Recording and Retrieval
  • Downward compatible to existing locomotives for coupling through power couplers for MU Operation.
  • Multiple CPU architecture and true real time operation.
  • In-built Speed Monitoring and Recording Unit
  • User programmable parameter, logic, tractive effort and braking powder
  • On Line Estimation & Display of Load Factor
  • Duel window back lit LCD Display
  • Work from 0 - 70 c and up to 98% RH (non-condensing)
  • Can withstand up to 5g - vibration level
  • Extensive Self diagnostics for internal faults in the system
  • Control Stand Interlocking (Loco can be controlled from only one Control Stand at a time)
  • Wireless radio compatible for remote monitoring & control
  • Real time data transmission for immediate observation of train handling and health monitoring.
  • Continues recoding of snap shot of all input/output/interlock data during each alarm/fault which can be downloaded to an external computer.
Master Controller
Resistance - 5 MW;    Contact force for Cam - 120 gm;   Surge Voltage - 5.1 KV

General Use: Acts as the main (master) controller of the various electric Pneumatic contactors and dielectric magnetic insulation contactors through an indicator lamp.

3900/5400 KVA Transformers
Line Contactors link to top
Current Rating - 1500 A/ 1000 A
Circuit Voltage - 750 V
Contact force - 16 to 18 Kg
Minimum Operating Air
Air Pressure - 5 Kg/Cm?
Solenoid Valve Operating
Voltage - 45v to 136v
Dielectric Strength - 5.1 KV in 1 minute
Coil Resistance - 1350 W to 1450 W

General Use: Acts as an electro Pneumatic main switch of the traction motor sub circuit for activating the circuit.
Pole Reverser Switch / CTF link to top
Current Rating - 1000 A DC
Operating Pneumatic
Pressure - 4 kg/ m?
Solenoid Valve Operating
Voltage - 45 v to 110v DC
Contact Pressure - 10 ± 1 Kg
Temperature Rise - 80°C
Dielectric Strength - 5 KV in 1 min.
Coil Resistance - 1350 to 1450

General Use :- Electric Pneumatic Contactor consists of fixed and mobile Ag -brazed copper, acts as a prime equipment to change the direction of the traction motor.
  Electro Magnetic Contactor
Coil Resistance at 3
DC supply voltage at the coil - 45V to 136V
Pick up voltage - .45V
Dropout voltage - .10v
Contact Force - 100 m ± 5%
Aux. Switch - 2 No./ 2 NC
Aux. Contact Pressure - 80 Gm + 10
Dielectric Strength 2.25 KV in 1 minutes

General Use :- Acts as a three phase switch for various motors.
  Rectifiers link to top
Rating - 25 KV AC, 50 c/s
Input - 415V
Output - 470V
Bridge - 32 Diode bridge

General Use :- Gives DC output to Electric Locomotives type - WAG 7 from single phase AC
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