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Other Projects
Some of our recent projects
Decision Support System for CCD Retail Outlets
Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) is a major coffee retail chain in India. This project is based on designing a decision support system which will enable top CCD executives to analyse their outlets and franchises on a geographic basis allowing them to make quick and efficient decisions. In addition to the standard information such as sales and profits for each location, the system will enable executives to analyse geographically how their outlets are performing and analyse reasons as to poor or good performance. This will also help the company to take informed decisions regarding placement of future outlets.
Objectives of the project  
  • Designing Web base map enabled solution.
  • Enabling the users to draw ccd location pins, polylines, polygons, circle.
  • Enabling Ajax to give a look and feel of the desktop.
  • Creating stored procedure to make the database operations faster and consistent
  • Plotting the desired data to the table and chart
  • Evaluation of the crystal report
The project displays the CCD location information, its details, cost analysis, profit analysis and report analysis.
Uniqueness of the Project
  • AJAX enabled
  • Stored Procedure is used so that data comes faster
  • Select the points inside the polygon
  • CCD locations gets highlighted in the map within selected area
  • Circle analysis can be done within the selected area of a map
Web Portal for Pest Control of India
Objectives of the project link to top
The objective of the project is to develop a “GIS based Web Portal for automated mapping for real time data”. The web application will comprise of two major pages and supporting pages with minor function.
The macro level features to be developed are:
  • A pest map hyper link to Home page of pest map Portal
  • Pest map page displaying All India map with pest and related information updated with respect to the data for the current week
  • The page allows the user the flexibility to choose whether the data to be displayed will be at state level, district level or subdivision level
  • The page will also allow user the flexibility to select crop type, pest type and pest intensity and display map accordingly
  • The page following the pest map page will display thematic map based on the options chosen in the pest map page. The page will have the basic GIS tool for panning, zooming the map/li>
  • The second page will allow the user to have same functional option to choose between state, district, and subdivision and select crop type, pest type, and pest intensity
  • The pest intensities will be displayed with different colours and dotted markers
  • The markers will be clickable markers displaying information about locations and other data in a sepa rate info window.
  • Search tools which will help in fetching data based options selected in any of the above page and display a thematic map accordingly
  • The application to be build will have the capability to link the collected georeferenced data in SQL at the centre to be displayed on the pest web map. The page will dynamically update the latest data in the server.
Centremaps Planning Site
The customer was looking for an open source GIS based application development Service Provider to develop a map ordering Web Portal
  • The inputs for this project are outlined below
  • PostGIS based base map data
  • Images in tiff format
Project Scope link to top
  • Creating a simple and accessible map ordering solution with all GIS functionality required to search the desired map/image and complex e-business functionalities required to process the order and send the data to the customer
  • Developing the GIS based e-commerce application with all complexities on open source GIS technologies (MAP SERVER) without using any third party plug-in
The Approach Taken
The development of the software was broken into two parts:

Part 1: Development of the e-commerce functionalities using PHP as server side language, Apache as web server, Java script as front end designing language.

Part 2: Development of the GIS functionalities as zoom, pan, and feature based query, spatial query using map language of Map Server with PHP as server side language to call image.
Some of the functionalities created as part of the project are stated below: link to top
  • Map display Tools
  • Search Tools
  • Order outline tools
  • Drawing tools
  • Product selection tools
  • Shopping Basket system facility
  • Registration and account creation facility
  • Secured payment facility
  • Downloading facility for both samples and product for which payment has already been done
  • An administrative area accessible only to the client end persons
Citizen Relationship Management (CiviQ) Using Google Map API
The common platform to bring citizen into local governance through municipal operation to provide a range of services to improve the quality of life of the city. Not every citizen have an idea about whom to talk and where to register their problem. Hence there is a need for a common platform to register their issues, which can be viewed by ward councilors and speed up the redressal process. With the constant effort of our government by de-centralizing the governance system up to the level of ward committee, citizens are mostly found in a criticizing role rather than an contributory role to the municipal governance. Thus came the idea of having a unique Location Intelligence based CRM Systems
The Approach Taken link to top
To provide a web based common platform where the general people can post their views about non availability of specific municipal facilities in their area ,higher authorities could see the status of problems in their area about how many have been addressed and solved which seeks to improve the governance practices and service delivery mechanism. The functional workflow of the web based GIS platform is given below in the screenshots to enhance the GIS workplatform.
Issues Addressed
  • To increase Citizen’s participation in Local Governance
  • Provide direct access of citizens to highest level of administration
  • Development of citizens role as contributory from criticizing role
  • Increase transparency and accountability at local level
  • Getting report along with geographical location of concern in a seamless manner
  • To help chairman to prioritize the action plan
  • Strengthening administrative responsiveness
Following are the few snapshots showing the web based application enhancing the GIS part.The interface below is divided into three parts: link to top
The Application Interface link to top
link to top
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