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In today's world, GIS gives you the power to relate and integrate various other systems and provide you with robust decision making systems. Professionals who depend on a GIS system to make important business decisions need a full-service, experienced source to help manage this sophisticated and indispensable tool. That is exactly where we come in with our start-to-end full-service life cycle project support on your GIS projects through requirements analysis, data conversion, base map creation, database designing, data modeling & analysis, and customized application development.

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Remote Sensing

Image Classification And Analysis

Stesalit specializes in a range of technical capabilities when it comes to Remote Sensing and Image Processing. Our staff has versatile experience in a variety of remote sensing and photogrammetry systems dealing with satellite and aerial images. Our excellent understanding of various commercial imaging satellites, aerial photographic systems, their outputs, and time-tested custom-processing techniques enables us to meet your project needs at the shortest possible time with the right quality.

Remotely sensed data is cost effective and offers practical and feasible options for a variety of professionals. Stesalit is a pioneering organization in analyzing remotely sensed images using a variety of platforms like ERDAS, ER Mapper etc. Over the last 8 years, we have developed sophisticated image classification techniques to fully exploit the value inherent in raw data sources that offer improved spatial and spectral content.

Customer's project needs typically determines the level of detail and accuracy of the proper classification schemes in a project, which may again vary from project to project. We will produce classification results with defined accuracy parameters (for acceptance) and use the system that is best for your application. We will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver the following:

Mosaicing and Enhancement
  • Image mosaicing: A mosaic is an assemblage of two or more overlapping images (tiles) used to create a continuous representation of a predefined area. Georeferenced images are used to construct the mosaic; software is used to automatically place each image in its correct position. Hundreds or even thousands of individual images can be mosaiced to produce a single digital image of a large area.
  • Georeferencing (georegistration): More often than not, satellite imagery is supplied in a "raw" state, containing geometric errors. If accurate area, direction, and distance measurements are required, the raw image must be processed to remove these geometric errors and rectified to a real-world coordinate system. We deliver accurate georeferenced images.
  • Image enhancement: Image enhancement refers to the many tools that are used to digitally process image data to enhance visual interpretation. Image processing produces a seamless raster data product from multiple image tiles. The image is then trimmed to specified finished-product dimensions
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